Rules and Information

1. Please consult your parents or guardian before.

2. This site is nothing more than a game of collect and search out answers.

3. Collect the collectable cards and read the questions on the back of each card.

4. We place 5 random Peasville Cards in each pack of Peasville cards.

5. Place the answers to the questions on the back of each card you collect or swap into the appropriate space provided in your Peasville swap card web page.

6. In your personal Peasville web page you can add post you need to remember.

7. In your personal Peasville web page you can add post you can add the cards you want to swap. This post goes out to all Peasville Swap Card members.

8. We suggest you use your first name only when signing up.

9. Use a Password that you can remember and don’t tell anybody except your responsible person.

10. In the birthday section you can add your friends birth Date we will send you a notification and alert your friends on your list that it your birthday, one week befor and on the day. Remember to use first names only.

11. This site is monitored and any abuse will be reported to the appropriate Authority. For the protection of Peasville collectors.

12. All art and Swapcards are copyright 1990 ~ 2016 iPea Pty Ltd

13. Large prizes will need proof of nominated collected cards. Keep your cards that you don’t need to swap.

14. The managers decision in all dispute cases if final.

15. There are 999 Peasville Swap Cards to collect.

16. All prizes are Peasville Products. The prizes may very from time to time.

17. To contact Peasville Studios use the form

18. Build your personal Peasville website.

19. Don’t forget the Peasville Birthday Club.

20. Collect as many Peasville Swap Cards as you can to increase your chances to win.

21. Don’t forget to swap the Peasville Cards you have 2 or more of.

22. Find the card with the correct answer on to the question.

23. See the Peasville Prize page to see the prizes as they change from time to time.

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