Welcome to the official Peasville Swap Card site.

How it works

Fill in your e mail address at The bottom of this page. chose a 'password', one you can remember.

Click ‘Build Your Own Webpage’

This will BUILD YOUR PERSONAL Swap Card web page.

In your personal web page you will find a list of all the Peasville swap cards and the prizes you will win when you collect a certain number of cards. The prizes are continuous. The cards are swappable. The cards will teach you a great hobby. They will teach you to be observant.
They will teach you to negotiate. You will make new friends with like minds. They will teach you to read. They will teach you to add data to a website. They will help you get to know the characters of the Tiny Town of Peasville. They will win you prizes of an e book every 10 answers you get right. They will teach you to investigate. By joining the Birthday Club option, you will receive a birthday card and gift on the date of your birthday. Click on ‘RULES’ button to learn more.

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