How to win a prize!

1. First, build your Personal Peasville website.

2. Join the Peasville Birthday Club.

3. Collect Peasville Swap Cards

4. Swap the ones you have 2 or more off.

5. Read the questions on the back of you collected Peasville Swap Cards.

6. Find the card with the correct answer to the question.

7. Type the answer in the correct place provided.

8. When you have placed 10 right answers to the Card questions, you will be sent a Peasville Prize.

9. Keep collecting and keep getting Peasville prizes.

Prize list, gifts will change from time to time

10 correct 1 Peasville e book.

20 correct 2 Peasville e books + first song on an Peasville CD

30 correct 3 Peasville e books +2 song on a Peasville CD

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